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Timber Ridge Log Homes is dedicated to high quality and energy efficient log homes.  We have partnered with Whisper Creek Log Homes to provide the Four Corners with the highest quality log home product on the market.  Whisper Creek Log Homes has produced a unique, one of a kind log home package that eliminates 99% of traditional log home defects.   Traditional log homes have a reputation for continuous maintenance and movement.  They constantly require manual adjustments and refinishing of both sealers and chinking.  Whisper Creek has eliminated these problems by providing a panelized style log home.  Their kits are all built in a climate controlled factory which enables them to provide the highest quality in materials and fabrication.  The exterior walls are all 2x6 construction with full structural exterior sheeting.  Whisper Creek also utilizes Pella windows which continue to be known for their high quality and exceptional customer satisfaction.  

Because of the construction techniques that Whisper Creek Log Homes utilize, the homes are able to obtain a much higher insulation value than traditional log homes.  The 2x6 construction enables th builder to utilize spray foam or blown insulation.  This produces an R rating that vastly exceeds that of any traditional log home.  Traditional log homes have been known to have infestations of bugs, bats, and other small animals because of the checking that happens in the logs.  This is completely eliminated by Whisper Creek through the use of traditional home building methods.

There is no other log home on the market today that will give you the supperior quality, reliability, and custom feel that a Whisper Creek Log home can provide.
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